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Updated Amendment 3 IET On-site Guide and Guidance Notes:

All IET publications including the On-Site Guide and the full series of Guidance Notes have now been updated to incorporate all the changes from the Amendment 3 to BS7671:2008 Wiring regulations.
Publications now available include:

  • IET On-Site Guide
  • Guidance Note 1: Selection & Erection
  • Guidance Note 2: Isolation & Switching
  • Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing
  • Guidance Note 4: Protection Against Fire
  • Guidance Note 5: Protection Against Electric Shock
  • Guidance Note 6: Protection Against Overcurrent
  • Guidance Note 7: Special Locations
  • Guidance Note 8: Earthing & Bonding

Updated Amendment 3 NICEIC and ELECSA Publications

All NICEIC and ELECSA publications have now been updated to incorporate all the changes from the Amendment 3 to BS7671:2008 Wiring Regulations. Publications now available include:

  • Site Guide for Electrical Installations
  • Inspection, Testing and Certification
  • Domestic Periodic, Inspection Testing and Reporting
  • From The Helpline
  • Snags and Solutions Part 1: Earthing and Bonding
  • Snags and Solutions Part 2: Wiring Systems
  • Snags and Solutions Part 3: Inspection & Testing
  • Snags and Solutions Part 4: Emergency Lighting
  • Snags and Solutions Part 5: Fire Alarm Systems

Updated Amendment 3 Certificates

Our most common certificates have now been updated to incorporate all the changes from the Amendment 3 to BS7671:2008 Wiring Regulations. Certificates currrently available include:

  • Electrical Installation Certificates
  • Electrical Installation Condition Reports
  • Domestic Electrical Installation Certificates
  • Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Reports
  • Minor Electrical Works

Amendment 3 certificates

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online certification system

Online certification

Amendment 3 online course

We have now launched our Amendment 3 Online Training Course enabling contractors to update their knowledge in the comfort of their own workplace or home.

The cost of the course is just £50 and takes approximately 5 learning hours to complete.

Developed in partnership with Virtual College, the online course can be accesssed through a Learning Management System. This online facility provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills without the need to take time off work. The learning experience can be done at a time and place which is convenient for you!


17th Edition BS 7671 Amendment 3 Electrical Wiring Regulations

BS 7671 (The IET Wiring Regulations, 17th Edition) is the national standard to which all UK domestic and industrial wiring must conform. The new standard, BS7671:2008 Amendment No 3, contains extensive changes to align with European documents.

The IET Wiring Regulations are of interest to all those concerned with the design, installation and maintenance of electric installations in buildings.


Amendment 3 one-day workshop

This one day course will bring you up-to-speed with all the changes to BS 7671: 2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations (IEE Wiring Regulations, 17th Edition) Amendment 3, published in January 2015.

Courses are available at a variety of locations on various dates.

The course programme will cover:

• Changes to parts 1, 2 (Incorporating new abbreviations) and 3 - Taking into account the change to competent person and how that affects the certificates and forms in Part 6
• Changes to part 4, Cmin explained and demonstrated, documented detailed risk assessments explained, protection against overheating explained.
• Changes to part 5, Sockets used by ordinary persons, cables in walls, auxiliary circuits explained, luminaires and lighting installations explained
• Changes to the Minor Works Certificate and changes to the inspection schedule of the Electrical Installation Certificate
• Changes to part 7

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Updated Amendment 3 IET Guidance Notes Updated Amendment 3 NICEIC and Elecsa Publications Updated Amendment 3 Certificates Amendment 3 Online Course 17th Edition Wiring Regulations Amendment 3 Amendment 3 One day workshop
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